Within oneself as within the soul – Black Sun.

In this work, a drone emerges from the gurgling waters and its name is Black Sun. It is a drone with human features that is struggling with the element ‘water’, which surrounds it and almost submerges it, but is not afraid of it. The transparencies of water and the texture of the drone generate the effect of the emptying of form and the loss of human consistency, a memory of feeling and humanity. The drone is constructed from a weave of Scottish thread and the water from a painting technique of pigments and resins. My research focuses on the idea of drones as human simulacra, similar to the human figure but absolutely empty of humanity

“Within oneself as within the soul – Black Sun.” – 2022 – Mixed media: Scotch thread, acrylic, oil, resin, wood – 92x77x23 cm”


Angela De Biase