Regular beat, crushed and then expanded vital blood

Kuma Monument

To welcome and to possess, finding oneself, means from the centre of me to the centre of the other, bearing in mind that it is a matter of life and death, necessary. The work: Regular beat, crushed and then expanded vital blood, was created as a monument to my dog Kuma, who died by a tragic fatality. Hence the name with clear references to an impossible vitality. The monument to her memory is composed of different and apparently jarring materials, soft wire and steel pins, the softness of the anatomically shaped weaving in a realistic manner that takes up the image of Kuma while the man is dressed like a suit of steel pins, almost determining a sort of skeleton structure. The presence of a small warrior symbolising death, comes straight towards the observer and stops at the edge of the floor of the monument. The feeling of belonging between me and my old dog, is enclosed in the leash that becomes an extension and part of the pack leader’s body, the funiculus that connects the foetus to the placenta and through which nutrients pass

“Battito regolare, schiacciato e poi espanso sangue vitale.”- 2017 –  Filo di Scozia, tintura naturale, spilli in acciaio, polipropilene, legno, luci led – 29 x 61 x 11 cm – Collezione dell’artista
Angela De Biase