Horizon Hunters

Between air and water, the two lovers seek each other through their lips. The dome made of woven
copper wire suspended in the air protects them. The transparencies of the glass and the weaving
generate the effect of the emptying of form and the loss of human consistency, faces are reduced to
masks, they are only appearances. A setting sun acts as a pedestal for the large glass telescope, which
becomes the submarine that encompasses, protects but does not completely conceal, and allows the
kiss of two masks, a reminder of sentiment and humanity.


Quotes from the film
1. How do you become a hunter of horizons?
2. They all become oblivion
3. Then why did stop loving life?
4. Keep hunting, looking towards the endless
5. The intensity of love
6. The most and incomparable life project.

How does one become a hunter of horizons?
Only by looking at infinity!
So why did you stop loving life?
Because when you meet a person who requires all the love you have to give,
and if you lose this person you believe that everything else will be lost with them. All the places, all the good memories all the people, the animals, the good food, the music, the poems, become oblivion.
There was a wise man who said that you can miss a single person even if you have so many useless ones around you. Infact they are useless because they cloud your vision, they are a meaningless crowd, they are strangers, they are a cloud.
Let us hold on tight otherwise loneliness will only make us wither.
Let us continue to hunt looking at infinity.

“Hunter of horizons” – 2022 – mixed technique: acrylic paint resin, glass, nylon, copper – 21x20x37 cm
Angela De Biase