Looking back in time

Humanity that wants to wear the city like a second skin without borders or limits. The central body of the work, made of foam rubber, has as its background a landscape in constantly changing. It changes its skin and shows a renewed, double face. This mutation follows the direction of human development and is a clear and true statement of the changing cities of time. From borders, as individual bodies and souls to the borders of the cities in which we live, each line delimits a surface and could be the starting point for something new to discover. Boundaries are everywhere, barriers keep us in or out of spaces and societies. Their passage creates an intersection of identities in the urban environment. The way we move puts us in relation with everything in the world, makes us go beyond boundaries. The concept of martyrdom, expressed with the stitching of fibre optic cable cable, used to connect individuals, which enters and out of it, creates an almost always linear rhythm and is a pathway to a future possible as a female.

“Looking back in time” – 2019 – mixed technique: foam rubber, fibre optic thread, oil paint, nylon, copper – 25x25x20 cm
Angela De Biase