Cherubim placed as guards of the Gardens of Eden

An image composed of beauty. The angel flies from the sky like a whirlwind and lands among the four pillars, bowing before us mortals. A gesture that already holds meaning and prophecy. Searching for the one gaze, always low, modest, sweet in the moment of its affirmation, or with open and slightly widened eyes, emphasizing the surprise of that supernatural visit. The denial of a domestic setting, usually the angel is welcomed in a loggia surrounded by a garden, the “hortus conclusus” symbol of purity, in a quiet landscape, while God the Father looks down from above. Here, the perfection of the cube reserves particular emphasis on space, made deep by emptiness and perspective. The wings are scattered with eyes, they are the appearance of the angel who stands guard over the earthly paradise, who watches over the gates to protect the firstborn children

“Cherubim placed as guards of the Gardens of Eden” –  2015 – Mixed media: wood, nylon – 30.5×30.5×30.5 cm
Angela De Biase