Descriptive text

Embedded on an aluminium hemisphere is an electronic circuit board that generates the figure of a hologram-like technological scarecrow.

This silhouette can swing in all directions when touched; it is sensitive and depends on the movements of the particles around it.  .

A weave of copper warp and weft outlines the body of a hermaphrodite, with breasts and erect member, as if to capture the moisture of the air and the particle flow of the atoms of matter.

As the feet are technology, the head is a transistor in a static, fixed position looking forward, creating a parallelism with the apex of the erect male member.

This produces on the axis of central symmetry, a reinforcement of the concept of overcoming humanity as the face is enclosed by black, while the sex remains hot and red.



Poetic concept

Love, love, love,
It is an event unlike anything else seen. Is there a way to make the myth of the halves or the hermaphrodite, which Plato recounts in the Symposium, more alive today? It is this, it is to distinguish it from the world of Eros understood only as a sexual impulse, to reconnect it to the world of Eros, considered as Love in a meaningful sense: attention or profound tension towards everything that is ‘human’ and can construct a new totality, within a changed vision of reality and culture.

“ErmafroDio” – 2021 – Mixed media: aluminium, copper, plaster, nylon, recycled electronic elements – 12x12x32 cm”
Angela De Biase