On the nature of Time

On the nature of Time Every step I took was a choice, even when I stopped. They say that one feels pain in lost body parts, for some it is the leg or the hand, for for me it is the heart. I rest my mind on my breath, and look for love in every beat. Planted on the ground I no longer have witnesses and eyes watching me. They say that the Universe only gives you the image when you are looking at it, that I need a witness not to lose my soul, I still don’t understand and I stay planted without anyone looking at me. One day I will stand before the Infinite and have the answers to all my questions about everything in its vast Universe. And I have many questions. But I will not ask any about the nature of Time. I have lived it

  ” On the nature of Time – 2023 – Mixed media: wood, leather, nylon, copper, glass bell – 23x23x30cm”
Angela De Biase