A.I. – Artificial Intelligence


Descriptive text

The work is a moving hemisphere that, when touched, sways on a base and absorbs its colour and texture.

Embedded in the semi-sphere is a strip of tyre, which leaves an imprint that replicates the tread sculpture as the DNA on various levels of the work.

The tyre supports an arch that acts as an antenna; on the antenna lives the eye of a non-human guardian, an artificial intelligence, which serves to pick up the last infinitesimal signals of a dispersed humanity.


Poetic concept

Every step I took was a choice. Even when I stopped.

It rests the mind on the breath, love in every beat.

One feels pain in lost body parts. For some it is the leg or the hand, for me it is the heart.

The Universe gives you the image only when you are looking at it: it fills the cracks of our knowledge, Infinite orbits around the eternal core.

One day I will stand before Him and have the answers to all my questions about everything.

And I have many, many questions.

But I will not ask any about the nature of Time.

I have lived it.

“A.I. – Artificial Intelligence 2022 Mixed media: resin, pigments, nylon, copper, recycled electronic elements 16x16x21 cm”
Angela De Biase