One another’s world

Descriptive text

Everything must be passed through.

This work refers to the concept of a black hole that has such an intense gravitational field that neither matter nor electromagnetic radiation can escape.

In this ’empty space’, our usual notions of space and time have no meaning; science cannot explain exactly what is at the bottom of a black hole.

I have placed love there, sifted through the woven copper wing made up of watch-eyes that scrutinise the entangled particles and a small electronic A.I. board that eliminates the loveless ones.

The woven copper wing is below the horizon line, on which a mobile eye hovers.


Poetic text

The shape fascinates and bewitches the two lovers The circle, like the rings, like the sun, inside there are eyes and glances and they say to each other: “While you were screaming, you were tearing my guts out. You asked my forgiveness, and I granted it, but the truth is I would have forgiven you what you had done and what you could have done, there is no choice, that is what it means to be in love. I reflect myself in you”.


“L’uno il mondo dell’altro”  2023 – Tecnica mista: rame, elementi elettronici, nylon, legno, rete metallica, resina.

diametro 25x 9 cm

Angela De Biase