We possess only Naked Names

The installation proposes a dialogue about that particular, complex and complete affair that goes by the name of the path to spirituality, starting from the assumption that leaving a mark is tantamount to testifying to one’s active presence in one’s world and time. An immersive and all- embracing experience for those who make art and, at the same time, an emotional involvement for the viewer. Traces that overlap, the imprints of the weight of the body of those who have gathered in prayer and knelt, blur and take opposite or parallel paths.

For the title I was inspired by Umberto Eco the Latin locution Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus ‘the primal rose exists only in name, we possess only naked names’ is a variation from verse I, 952 of the hexameter poem De contemptu mundi by Bernard of Cluny, Umberto Eco who made it the last sentence of his novel The Name of the Rose. To me, this work smells of rose, of female, of mother’s milk and of beauty.

The idea that of all these vanished things we are left with Pure Names, the transparencies created by the work’s interwoven workmanship, create voids traversed by air, yet this transparency and lack of flesh creates shadows that invite and introduce the desire to investigate the meaning of life and art in depth. I would also like the work to be touched and this will foster the natural relationship between the parts and emphasise the need for an open approach to the artistic experience, which always implies a need for expression, like a sacred image after a request for grace.

– “We possess only Naked Names” – 2020 – Mixed media with wooden hangers from 1900 110x40x20cm (wall work)
Kneeler- wood, pigment for fresco 40x40x15cm
Angela De Biase