Voyager 1 year 1977

Fill the gap

I am the eye of the Voyager probe that took several photographs of planets in the solar system when it was over 6 billion kilometres from Earth.
The most famous is the Pale Blue Dot, which shows the Earth less than one pixel in size. A collage of the other photos forms another well-known photo, Family Portrait.

The probe is still working today in 2018, so time is the inspiration for this work of mine. Time is many of the things people attribute to God, there is the concept of persistence and infinity, there is the concept of omnipotence, because nothing can oppose time. Here man is in pursuit of time and moves synchronising himself with the changing light, its frequency and electromagnetic waves make him progress and move forward light years. The Voyager 1 probe is powered by an RTG battery that will allow it to function, albeit in a limited way, until 2025, when it will have reached over 25 billion kilometres away from Earth. Without electricity my work stands still and everything remains blue, the colour of healing.

“Voyager 1 year 1977 ” – 2018 – Mixed media: curved wood, fluorescent pigments, led light – 77x55x28cm
Angela De Biase