Public work installed in 2017 in Piazzale Susa in Milan (giardinetti side). Commissioned by M 4 spa, managed by MM Communication with public competition to redevelop the structures bordering the construction sites to create an open-air museum. These prefabricated structures of the construction sites, in technical terms the Cesate for the new metro the Blue Line, become the structures used to display the work. Artist Angela De Biase has set up 21 linear metres of Cesate with painting, sculpture, photography and performance. “Srotolo” is a work that lives, as it will be able to be consumed, to age with the weather, until 2022, it is interactive and for all those who want to add and set up their own idea, they will find where to display the strips of fabric on which to fix their personal thought/idea/desire. The only censure, do not exceed 50 kg of ideas, this is the slogan accompanying the project. Srotolo: a perishable work, designed in aluminium and resins, that lives and grows under the city sky, it has a its own sound like a foliage in the wind and weather, it dialogues, changes colour, tries to educate vandals so that they respect and maintain the dignity of the original project. All this will allow the work to constantly reshape and reconfigure itself. The theme developed in the work places the word at the centreof attention. The word is like a dynamic force: thoughts/expectations/ ideas, are written on aluminium made elastic so that with their constant movement, when unrolled, they create energy, which flows in a lightly they unroll and rewind many all at once and a large wake accompanies the birth of the newborn: the Blue, which metaphorically personifies the new transport line. The path of the installation in the gardens begins with a large seated woman’s head intent on writing, at the same time hiding what she is writing to keep one of her and she writes to keep one of her many thoughts a secret. The woman is sitting far and low, the underground condition and our gaze is like a thought flying over her head, the deep foreshortening increases the observer’s ability to peer into her thoughts, which become moving words that some thoughts remain secret but others are made to be read and shared, becoming thoughts for all read and shared, becoming everyone’s thoughts.

Srotolo - Creation and installation

“SROTOLO – 2017/2022 – Technique: aluminium, resin, enamel, fabric. 21x 2 metres – Installation in Piazzale Susa Milan, open 24 hours”
Angela De Biase