Simple, it’s entropy.

All the colors of evolution.

Here is represented the descent into reality, into the chaotic condition of man, of the world; to come to perceive that everything has a precise golden rule.

 Here is a naming and consecrating at the same time “that impregnable” that arises from the absence of communication, from the loneliness and chaos in which the individual is left. 

There remains one last life, it lies in the center between the hexagons, it is here that there is magic opens up a small fertile and fertile treasure chest, which only wishes to have the moment and so can tell of itself, without apologizing to any man. Here she plays with tension and “the attitude of happiness,” desiring the sincere male. 

“Simple, it’s entropy.” – 2023 – Mixed media: fabric, silk, copper, resin, pigment – 32x32x10 cm
Angela De Biase